Getting Phoenix

Dog Blog / Saturday, December 2nd, 2017



Before the mom I have now, I lived with a family who eventually didn’t want me. The pound that my mom got me from said that I was lightly abused. I ran away from home or was set free into the woods and fought for myself, catching my own food was all I had. Eventually, I was caught by the pound. I had only been there a full day when this beautiful little girl walks into the pound look for a dog. I thought to myself, well I amĀ  DOG. I wished with all my might to leave with her. I just knew in my heart that she was the owner for me, I knew that this family would last forever and not try and give me away. It seemed as though she came in for a different dog but she didn’t quite seem to like her. So, I decided to put on my best act and try to get her attention. Man did I! She saw me and we both felt the strongest connection in the whole world. We were both the best thing ever and she in that moment and forever was all that mattered to me. I knew that I was going home with this beautiful family and that made me overjoyed! They did indeed take me home after they met me and loved me, all three of them, the little girl especially. They took me home and I very much loved their house. I soon made a friend, he was Golden Retriever. I kenw that my life would be happy from then on.

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